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Hells Angels, drug fueled orgies and outrageous extravegance in the second instalment of Snowing in Bali

Snowing in Bali by Kathryn Bonella is a graphic insight into the hidden world of Bali’s top western cocaine bosses many who first went to Bali to surf. With unprecedented access into their lives author Kathryn Bonella charts their rise to incredible wealth and power, their drug-fueled lifestyles filled with orgies, outrageous extravagance, multi-million drug deals and surfing. It also follows many to the depths of hell when they are busted.

Tracks features the second instalment from in our weekly series.

Rich Hells Angels boss, Tota, from Rio, regularly flew to Bali to play for months at a time in party paradise with his drug dealer friends, and gamble at illegal casinos and cockfights in the backstreets of up-market Seminyak. He was also a fixture at Fabio’s beach bar, an unmissable sight with his sidekicks – two young, beautiful, silicone-breasted girls. He threw cash at them to come to Bali, to accompany him everywhere, have sex on call and be centrepieces in his many hotel-room orgies, which he liked to direct and film.

He’s a little bit sexy psycho, this guy. Sometimes I come from surfing in Uluwatu, Tota was already at the bar, sitting with the two beautiful girls, sometimes with five girls, him in the middle. – Rafael

He was a Hells Angel biker straight out of Hollywood Central Casting’s books. He lavished diamonds on the girls, and used them to create a spectacle. It wasn’t hard, they were bombshells– a prerequisite to being his travel babes. They dressed to bring men to their knees, bursting out of tiny bikini tops, minis so micro their underwear flashed. Whenever they threw a long bare leg with a 3-inch spiky heel over the back of Tota’s bike, tourists, both men and women, stopped and gaped.

He brings those two girls to show off. They have silicone in the tits, big ones, amazing bodies, not one gram of fat, full of tattoos, long hair. Everybody thinks, ‘Wow, beautiful, beautiful girls.’ They wear skirts, but so fucking short you can see their underwear easy. They make many orgies, the girls with Tota. He was such a pervert, this guy, he loved to do orgies. But a glamour guy, too. Like, if he has a party at Ku De Ta, he pays for the whole table . . . champagne, dinner. He spends a lot of money. He was addicted to gambling too. – Rafael

Tota had dark curly hair hanging to his shoulders and tattoos covering his whole body, running up and around his neck, and was contemplating getting a Mike Tyson-style tattoo on his face.

Adding to his dark looks, he wore a thick beard and moustache shaved to a sharp point at the corner of his jawbone.And his signature outfit, sacrilege to Armani and Gucci-obsessed Rafael, was a mesh singlet, jeans and bulky sneakers, for his absurdly tiny feet. He accessorised with chunky gold rings and a heavy gold chain that hung to his navel, dangling a gaudy circle pendant with a large number 13 in the centre.

He looks evil, he’s the guy you don’t want to meet in the night.

– Rafael

The master of spectacle loved turning heads and being in the spotlight. He’d enter a super-chic bar with the two babes, barely clothed, draped on either side of him, turning to passionately kiss one and then the other. People always stopped to look, curious about who this huge, muscular, tattooed guy with small sneakered feet – and two gorgeous goddesses all over him –could be.

Any nightclub he comes to with these two girls, it’s big trouble for girls with boyfriends because the boys get crazy looking at the girls, crazy, because they are a dream for any man. The kind of body, the sex appeal, the way they dance, the way they talk, like professional porno movie stars. Beautiful. Beautiful, young and very well dressed.

Tota was very generous . . . gives nice jewellery, diamonds, he likes to pay everything. They have a kind of deal: you come to Bali with me, I’m gonna give you $10,000, but you have to stay in the hotel with me and you have to fuck with who I point to.

– Rafael.

Tota loved using his hot babes to lure more hot babes, and with his penchant for paying the bills, and providing free coke, he and his crew usually snared the sexiest girls holidaying in Bali.

They get so many girls, beautiful girls, because they were all so beautiful, and Tota was kind of exotic-looking. The western girls like, you know, a strong, macho Latin man. He had a good bite with the girls. The Swedish girl talks bullshit too, because they hunt together; because the girls attract the other girls. The prostitutes, the Swedish girl . . . he has a crew to catch the girls and the coke helps.

– Rafael

This night they’d been out to Zanzibar Restaurant on the beach-front in Legian and picked up an English porn star. She was perfect, as she wouldn’t mind Tota filming the orgy. When they got back to his hotel, the Swede refused to start without Tota’s hot friend Rafael. Tota called him. He was at home with his wife and kids, but as soon as they were asleep, he raced over to Tota’s hotel room.

I come, knock on the door, and fuck, it was very crazy already, coke on the table, two bottles of champagne. Cigarette smoke everywhere, loud music. It was like big shit, a big orgy.

– Rafael

As soon as he stepped inside, the girls ripped off his clothes, pre-directed by Tota to do so. Fabio and Tota stood watching and laughing, then Tota interrupted, shouting, ‘Wait, wait, wait, I’m gonna film it.’ Tota was a frustrated porn director and loved making his explicit dirty films. But he was baiting Rafael, aware his friend was always happy to join in the orgies, even be directed into crude, kinky positions, but point blank refused to be filmed.

Tota was such a pervert! He had it all planned. He knows exactly how he is going to do it.

– Rafael

The orgy went for a couple of hours, with the girls sporadically running to the table to use some of the left-over 2 kilos of bad quality blow. With his nose hypersensitive from overuse, Rafael couldn’t touch it; so he gulped champagne between the hot and weird sex scenes that Tota was manipulating him into.

‘Lift that leg, you go here, spread your legs, bend over,’ he’d direct brusquely, actually moving body parts, sometimes touching Rafael where he wanted no man to touch. One of Tota’s favourite scenes was his sex sandwich, where he got the girls to lie on top of each other with their legs spread, and Rafael to alternate between them.

Now and then Tota tore off his sarong and joined in, using his penis pump to make himself huge. Mostly he preferred slapping the girls’ backsides, yelling, ‘Rebola rebola, shake, shake, move your hips,’ and using his bag of tricks, like a black vibrating dildo and a small vibrating metal egg.

The night finished with Rafael pulling on his clothes, exhausted, and staggering out into the street with Tota’s voice fading into the distance, ‘Come back, we’ve still got two bottles of champagne, come on, bencong (lady boy) come back.’

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