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Teen in Bali custody after drug arrest may have been set up, lawyer says

Cindy Wockner, Karlis Salna

Police detained him outside a supermarket after he left the location where he received the massage.

However, his lawyer Mohammad Rifan said it was possible the boy was set up by the person who approached him.

“This boy didn’t know the situation in Kuta, the people there. It’s difficult to know if someone is actually a drug dealer or not,” he said.

“Whether he’s being trapped, tricked or not, we’re still investigating that.”

Mr Rifan, said the teen was “angry, crying” and depressed. Other sources in the Denpasar police headquarters said he was stressed and in tears and refusing to eat.

Mr Rifan told The Associated Press the arresting police officers had broken Indonesian rules for dealing with child suspects by not allowing the boy’s parents to be present during his interview.

Because of this, police had agreed to re-interview him today and have him take a new urine test for drugs.

Mr Rifan dismissed reports the boy was being held in a cell with other criminal suspects at the police station, saying he was in a separate room with his parents.

He has been accompanied by his parents since yesterday.

Mr Rifan said police only had 20 days to complete their investigations before they must hand over the case to the prosecutor.

If charged with possession under adult law, the boy could face a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison.

However, Mr Rifan has said it is possible he will be charged under provisions for juveniles, in which case the maximum penalty will be six years.

Local legal experts have said the teen might not have been charged if caught in Victoria.