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Prisoners riot at Schapelle Corby Bali jail after drug raid

PRISONERS at a notorious jail on the Indonesian island of Bali have rioted after attacking a warden and an anti-narcotics official who were trying to nab a suspected drug dealer.

Dozens of inmates went on the rampage at the Kerobokan prison in the early hours before police and prison guards quelled the unrest.

“We were attacked by the inmates, my head and hand were bleeding. They attacked us out of solidarity when we tried to pick up a drug dealer suspect,” said Siswanto, the prison warden.

“They also ran amok inside the prison, damaging the facility. They damaged the offices, broke the glass, computers and the CCTVs (closed circuit television).”

In 2009, Indonesian police called off a raid on the prison to avoid a violent confrontation when inmates armed themselves with stones and prepared to defend themselves.

Kerobokan prison is a major market for drugs on the resort island, with inmates as well as prison officials allegedly involved.