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No child’s play in this hell hole

IT’S home to Schapelle Corby, the Bali Nine and the worst of the Indonesian island’s population. Now, Lewis Mason will be the latest to check into the hell hole that is Kerobokan prison.

It’s a dysfunctional society — even the boss Governor Siswanto was too scared to enter the main compound after a recent riot.

Young teenagers and children are kept in the same part of the prison as serious offenders.

Drugs are openly available.

On Tuesday this week, a prisoner was bashed to death in the jail’s Block A over a drug debt worth 50,000 rupiah — about $6 Australian.

Last week, visitors were disgusted when at least four prisoners openly had sex with their girlfriends and wives among the throng of other prisoners meeting their families and friends.

“It’s chaos . . . anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool or ignorant,” a source said.