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Kerobokan Penitentiary Over Capacity

Kerobokan Penitentiary Over Capacity
Yesterday, 25 members of the House of Representatives (DPR) from the Commission III paid an an unannounced visit to Kerobokan prison to check the state of the inmates.

Lead by Fahri Hamzah and accompanied by the head of Kerobokan penitentiary Mr. Siswanto, and Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Bali officer Taswem Tarib, the delegation were very surprised to see such poor conditions within the facility. The observed problems included cramped and stuffy sleeping quarters, and a terrible smell of garbage throughout.

“Many of them ar e sleeping on the floor, with too many people in one room,” said Fahri who is also the Vice Chairman of Commission III. “From our findings, the penitentiary failed to make people come back as better people. The penitentiary conditions are not helping to rehabilitate, inmates want revenge instead. The penitentiary system in Indonesia is over capacity,” he added.

According to Siswanto, the prison capacity is 323, but it currently holds around 1000 prisoners. With this kind of situation, there’s no way that rehabilitation for the inmates will be successful. Fahri asserted, “We will ask the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights again. We’ve allocated trillions of Rupiah for prisons. In addition, we have also asked that domestic violence and customary cases be classed separately so the prison does not become more full.”

Taswem Tarib also complained of the inhumane situation. “We want the House to know that Kerobokan is improper, and violates human rights. We want Parliament to allocate the budget for us to build a new prison, or make Kerobakan into two floored building.”

The prison numbers are currently dominated by drug-related cases, which make up 40.1% of inmates.

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