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A court in Bali sentenced a police officer to five years in prison

A court in Bali sentenced a police officer to five years in prison on Friday for drug trafficking after he was caught last September with ecstasy pills and methamphetamine.

Miftachul Huda, 33, an officer with the Bali Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob), was ruled by the Denpasar District Court to have brought the force into disrepute through his “involvement in the crime of trafficking narcotics.”

The court also ordered Miftachul to pay an Rp 800 million ($88,000) fine. If he can’t pay the fine, he will have to serve an additional three months behind bars. 

“As a police officer, the defendant should have been on the front line in fighting narcotics,” Judge Hasoloan Sianturi said in his ruling.

He was arrested on Sept. 13 last year in a sting operation by the provincial police. 
A team of officers monitoring a known drug drop-off and exchange point in Denpasar caught Miftachul picking up a package. 

When they moved in to make an arrest, Miftachul resisted, saying he was a Brimob officer. 

He stopped resisting, however, when officers opened the package and found 15 ecstasy pills and almost 25 grams of meth inside.

During his trial, Miftachul (an officer with the Bali Police’s Mobile Brigade) said that he was trafficking the drugs on orders from a prisoner at the notorious Kerobokan Penitentiary. 

“I was forced to do it because my pay from the police wasn’t enough to feed my family,” he told the court.

After handing down the sentence, Hasoloan warned Miftachul against getting back into the drug game now that he was off to Kerobokan.