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Snowfall in Bali by SURFER MAGAZINE

The siren song of Balinese surf has seen many surfers bend the rules to get there. Photo: Borghi Originally published in our May issue. In 2003, a South American surfer attempted to smuggle two and a half kilos of cocaine…

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TRACKS Magazine features Snowing in Bali

2.8 MILLION TOURISTS TRAVELLED TO BALI LAST YEAR, HOW MANY OF THEM WERE SMUGGLING DRUGS? SNOWING IN BALI by Kathryn Bonella is a graphic insight into the hidden world of Bali’s top western cocaine bosses many who first went to…

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Hotel K song

  Reading Hotel K inspired British songwriter Kev Scott to create a song about the notorious Bali jail. KEV: “Kathryn seems to pull you inside Hotel K whether you want to or not, and I really got a feeling that…

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