Hotel Kerobokan

Read the shocking inside story of Bali’s notorious Jail in Kathryn’s true crime books

Written by best selling author Kathryn Bonella, Hotel Kerobokan paints a graphic picture of Bali’s most notorious prison. This true crime book takes you into the filthy and disease-ridden cells where a United Nations of prisoners live crushed together in misery.

Internationally titled Hotel K, this true crime book exposes the bizarre and the hilarious. Like at any hotel, ‘guests’ can buy almost anything, from room upgrades to hookers. There’s regular wild sex nights and days out at the beach, all organized by corrupt guards for prisoners who can pay.

Italian jeweller Juri,  sentenced to life imprisonment after being caught with 5 kilos of cocaine in his surfboard bag, paid guards to take him to the beach. Ostensibly, he’d be going to the ‘dentist’ but actually spend a day at Kuta Beach among thousands of tourists. His elderly mum, who flew out from Italy to care for him, carried a beach bag full of machine guns. The guards would sit beside her wearing Juri’s board shorts.

Money talks in Hotel K.

The true crime book also exposes the dark side from rampant drug use, murders made to look like suicides, and the gang that rules the jail through terror.

Outside the walls it’s paradise. Inside, it’s hell on earth.

Its hot concrete cells have been home to a procession of the infamous and the tragic from the Bali Bombers, the Bali 9 heroin traffickers, the King of Denpasar, Australian Schapelle Corby to Gordon Ramsay’s brother Ronnie  and the British grandmother, cocaine trafficker Lindsay Sandiford.

Hotel Kerobokan is backed up by hundreds of prisoner interviews.

This prison is unique. It sits right in the heart of  tourist Mecca Bali. Hotel K is just down the road to the W.

The truth about this jail explodes off every page.

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Welcome to Hotel Kerobokan, the ironic nickname for Bali’s most notorious prison.

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