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Snowing in Bali
Hotel Kerobokan
Schapelle Corby – No More Tomorrows


After graduating in journalism from RMIT University in Melbourne, Kathryn covered stories across the globe for both television and print.

She spent five years in Sydney for 60 Minutes, producing stories ranging from Schapelle Corby’s bust and 20-year sentence, a trip back to Bali six months after the nightclub bombings with 12 survivors, Princess Mary’s wedding in Copenhagen, controversy on orthodontists ruining faces with braces, and many more.

Schapelle Corby – No More Tomorrows (My Story)

In 2004 Kathryn produced with Liz Hayes, the first interview with Schapelle Corby. Six months later Kathryn produced a story on Schapelle’s verdict and 20-year sentence. Six months after that she quit 60 Minutes, moved to Bali and wrote with Schapelle the no.1 bestseller Schapelle Corby My Story, retitled No More Tomorrows for international release.

Hotel Kerobokan

During the interviews with Schapelle, Kathryn spent hundreds of hours inside Bali’s now infamous Kerobokan Prison – and after witnessing the bizarre, corrupt and violent world up-close decided the jail could star in its own book.

Kathryn returned to Bali for 18 months, spending more time in jail, and doing hundreds of interviews with prisoners, past and present, including; the King of Denpasar – who stabbed his brother to death with a sword – [ Lindy Klim’s great-uncle ]; a Javanese hit man – who cut off a man’s head then rode with it dangling in a plastic bag from his motorbike, before feeding it to fish – he actually kept the knife with him in Hotel K under his mattress garnering him much respect; Bali Nine heroin traffickers – two now executed; Gordon Ramsay’s heroin addicted brother Ronnie; surfers on extended holidays. Kathryn also interviewed jail guards and the jail security chief. Hotel K exposes sex, violence, corruption like prisoners paying for days at the beach, widespread drugs inside the jail with guards on the dealers’ payrolls and wild sex nights.

On it’s release, Hotel Kerobokan caused huge controversy and quickly became an international bestseller. Internationally it’s titled Hotel K .

Snowing in Bali

Kathryn has followed these first two books with Snowing in Bali breaking the story of how drugs are trafficked to the island in surfboards, windsurf booms and other sports equipment. Kathryn gained unprecedented access to the world of Bali’s biggest drug bosses, thanks to connections made while writing Hotel K. Many of the drug dealers had read Hotel K and liked it, and most importantly, it proved to them Kathryn wasn’t an undercover cop. The bosses agreed to be interviewed, some western, some local – opening up over months of recorded interviews with graphic details of orgies in luxury villas and five star hotel suites, obscene amounts of cash, the secrets of trafficking drugs, and busts in Sweden, Brazil, Bali and Holland – two traffickers she interviewed Marco Archer Moreira and Rodrigo Gularte – both cocaine traffickers – were executed by firing squad in 2015.

Snowing in Bali went straight to No. 1 at Australian airports. Hotel Kerobokan, re-released simultaneously in paperback, also went straight back into the top ten. Both books are regularly No.1 on iTunes.

Schapelle Corby My Story is now published in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Estonian and Polish with the international title No More Tomorrows.

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