The playboy drug runners

Extract from Kathryn's true crime book Operation Playboy.   WE WERE sniffing and drinking champagne, and this guy starts pissing me off; he wants some blow. So I put this bag in front of him and say, 'You want to sniff?'…

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Brazilian surfer executed by firing squad

By Kathryn Bonella BRAZILIAN SURFER Marco Archer Moreira, nicknamed Curumin, and well known to many people in Bali and Rio for his extrovert nature and crazy sense of humour was the first westerner ever to be shot by the 12-sniper-firing…

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The crime thriller you need to read this summer

“Operation Playboy” is the book you need to pick up this holiday season. It outlines the lavish lifestyles of some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, the drug lords of South America who are dominating the cocaine trade. Acclaimed Australian…

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