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Hotel K song


Reading Hotel K inspired British songwriter Kev Scott to create a song about the notorious Bali jail.

KEV: “Kathryn seems to pull you inside Hotel K whether you want to or not, and I really got a feeling that I’d been in there among the murderers, sex offenders, drug dealers and of course – the innocent.

I love reading but I could probably count on one hand the books I have read from start to finish without hardly stopping.

Hotel K is one of them.

I found myself totally compelled, enthralled and intrigued.

Within minutes of finishing this book, Kathryn’s accounts of life in the prison inspired me to begin writing lyrics about what I had read. 

Hotel K was the perfect muse to bring out this dark murky side of my writing. I’d like to think the song is similar to the book in the sense of making the listener feel engrossed in the feel of the place, just as the book did with me. I’ve tried to create a dark mood in both music and lyrics that would paint a picture in people’s minds just as Kathryn’s book did in mine.” 


Welcome to Hotel K

EVERYONE is welcome but you gonna have to pay
Are you walking through the doors of Hotel K
Dark days are gonna come coz that’s the way
Please prepare to trade your life, your love and all you own

SLEEPING with the sex offenders, psychopaths and scum
Have you got the money here to help you on your way?
To make your life a little easier
Well if you haven’t, sex and drugs will pay

YOU’RE here now in Hotel K
A dirty, seedy underworld that’ll rip your soul away
Yeah here in Hotel K you’re on the shelf
It’s gonna chew you up and spit you out holding pieces of yourself

THE terrorists are in the tower arranging bombs to blow
The murderers and traffickers together on death row

Oh here it comes, another suicide – or is it murder in disguise?
Everyone here knows the truth and all the truth turns into lies

MAYBE you robbed someone: we’re all treated the same
Maybe you killed someone: it’s like we’re all to blame
Maybe you love someone: well nobody cares
Maybe you’ll stand up for yourself: Oooh nobody dares

YOU’RE gonna gamble with your life with the things you do
And there ain’t no escaping when the gangs are after you
So will Jesus, Allah, Buddha be your friend
Or will your time in Hotel K just spell the end?

YOU can’t trust nobody to help you through the shit
Just spend the days surviving and then shoot up your next hit
The guards will be your friend, if you can pay
Smack or arak is your choice – it’ll get you through the day

When you leave Hotel K you’re not really alive
It’ll take a fuckin’ miracle just so you can survive
Are you walking through the doors of Hotel K?
Dark days are gonna come coz that’s the way