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You will never see Bali in the same way again. This true crime book takes you deep into the lives of the islands' biggest western cocaine bosses, who started trafficking to pay-to-stay-to-surf.

They traffic drugs in surfboards, slip through customs in the tide of tourists & live the dream. 'Snowing in Bali' tells of the debauched and decadent highs; orgies, global travel, and surfing. But with Bali's draconian punishments for drug crime, they have a long way to fall; two of those who tell their story pay the ultimate price.

"I'm gonna tell you something ... if you do this, the devil gonna give you a lot of money with the coffee spoon for a long time, but when he take, he gonna take with a big spoon all at once. Whoo ... You gonna be broke ... You gonna get shot ..." — Rafael, Brazilian drug boss in Bali.

This book also exposes the Bali underworld that surrounds oblivious tourists sipping cocktails poolside.

Review: A graphic insight into the hidden world of Bali’s top western cocaine bosses. With unprecedented access into their lives, author of best-selling true crime writer Kathryn Bonella charts their rise to incredible wealth and power and also follows many to the depths of hell when they are busted.

- Tracks Magazine

‘I was always a kind of pirate. If I have my clothes and money, I can go anywhere and adapt myself.'

- Jorge, Brazilian surfer and drug boss


This true crime thriller tells the story of the world’s most audacious drug runners, and the police hunt, ‘Operation Playboy’, to track them down.

These drug bosses ski in Europe, surf in Bali, hook up with celebrity models and live in five-star hotels. They're 24/7 party boys with brass balls, steely nerves and reckless ambitions.

They pay for their high-risk, hedonistic lifestyle by trafficking cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana on international flights and through the world’s biggest airports. But the cops are watching. After hundreds of interviews with drug bosses and cops, this book tells the adrenaline-pumping story from both sides of the law.


Hotel K

STRAP in for one hell of a ride inside Bali's most notorious jail.

In the heart of the tourist Mecca island, Hotel K's dirty white walls touch paradise. Inside it's a weird kind of hell. With a United Nations of prisoners crushed together — from tourists to serial killers — it's a dangerous, bizarre and darkly funny world.

Drugs flow more freely than water, guards work for drug bosses and, like any hotel, you can pay for almost anything — including days at the beach, room upgrades, or a night under the stars with a hooker.

"My heart is crying baby. If I was in jail in fucking New York ... but I'm in jail in Bali. I know that five minutes outside the front door I had the ocean. For a surfer, it makes it worse that you are in Bali and the waves are very good right outside your front door." — Brazilian surfer

“. . . an insightful and sharply observed account of life inside Indonesia’s most notorious prison. Bonella casts a cool journalistic eye over some horrific events.”

Sun Herald


No More Tomorrows

This book is the true story of a 27-year old beauty school student, Schapelle Corby, who served 10 years in Bali's notorious Hotel K prison for drug trafficking — a crime she denies.

She flew to Bali for her sister's 30th birthday party; it was meant to be a 2-week holiday in paradise. But at Denpasar Airport, customs found 4.2 kilos of marijuana in her body board bag.

Her verdict and 20-year-sentence was broadcast live on every TV network in Australia. Everyone had an opinion; innocent or guilty? She has always maintained her innocence. In this book, Schapelle tells of the horrors of life in a hell hole prison, a searing indictment of Qantas, and returning home to a brave new world as a media star. This book is her compelling and moving story.

“Schapelle’s story is like no other — a young woman experiencing the unimaginable, and enduring the unendurable with courage, strength and humour.”



After graduating in Journalism from RMIT University in Melbourne, Kathryn covered stories across the globe for both television and print. She spent five years producing stories for tv program 60 Minutes, including Schapelle Corby’s bust in Bali; the Bali terrorist bombings; Princess Mary’s wedding in Copenhagen and the bitter feud between orthodontists and dentists over braces and ruining faces.