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Snowing in Bali  – Kathryn gained unique access to Bali’s biggest western cocaine bosses, some who started trafficking simply to pay for their surfing lifestyle in paradise, and she tells their story in the international best seller.

“[A] graphic insight into the hidden world of Bali’s top western cocaine bosses… With unprecedented access into their lives author Kathryn Bonella charts their rise to incredible wealth and power… [and] also follows many to the depths of hell when they are busted.”

Tracks on Snowing in Bali

Hotel Kerobokan is an inside, in depth ride through the bizarre and violent Kerobokan prison in the heart of Bali’s tourist district. Outside the walls it’s beaches and five-star luxury, inside it’s a weird kind of hell. Hotel K was Kathryn’s second international best seller, inspired by the hundreds of hours she spent in Kerobokan Prison on her first book.

“… an insightful and sharply observed account of life inside Indonesia’s most notorious prison. Bonella casts a cool journalistic eye over some horrific events…”

Sun Herald

These drug running playboys travel the globe: they ski in Europe, surf in Bali, hook up with celebrity models and live in five-star hotels. They are 24/7 party boys with brass balls, steely nerves and reckless ambitions. They pay for their high-risk, hedonistic lifestyle by trafficking cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana on international flights and through the world’s biggest airports.

But to ride the wave you have to roll the dice. And in this game a bust means prison – or even a firing squad. A Brazilian cop is watching closely, determined to close the net. With a small team, he battles corrupt colleagues and bent judges to learn the secrets of the playboys and bring about their downfall.

“The adrenaline-pumping story of the world’s most audacious drug runners and the police hunt, ‘Operation Playboy’, to track them down.”

Schapelle corby book

The first of Kathryn’s best-selling trilogy, the #1 bestseller  Schapelle Corby – My Story (Internationally titled No More Tomorrows.) was co-written with Schapelle Corby, a 27-year-old Australian beauty school student sentenced to 20yrs in Bali’s Kerobokan jail for trafficking marijuana in her body board bag–a crime she has always denied.

“… Schapelle’s story is like no other – a young woman experiencing the unimaginable, and enduring the unendurable with courage, strength and humour….”


After graduating in journalism from RMIT University in Melbourne, Kathryn covered stories across the globe for both television and print.

She spent five years in Sydney for 60 Minutes, producing stories ranging from Schapelle Corby’s bust and 20-year sentence, a trip back to Bali six months after the nightclub bombings with 12 survivors, Princess Mary’s wedding in Copenhagen, controversy on orthodontists ruining faces with braces, and many more.

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